I was admitted to practice as a patent attorney in spring 2004 and have since specialized in advising and representing preferably small and medium-sized companies as well as start-ups in patent, trademark and design matters. Large-scale industry also likes to make use of my patent attorney support. In special fields of electrical engineering, information technology and mechanical engineering, we create and defend technically sophisticated intellectual property rights. Since spring 2007, the firm has been located in Munich-Obersendling, opposite the Omega Park. It is oriented towards organic growth.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to obtain the broadest possible protection for my clients’ products at the lowest possible cost and in the highest possible quality by means of long-tested intellectual property strategies, sometimes in stages.

Furthermore, the firm strives to keep the administrative structure as simple as possible and the administrative effort as low as possible. Therefore, we use professional, cost-efficient electronic administrative systems, keep electronic files and carry out correspondence between the authorities and our clients electronically as far as possible.

Partnerships and cooperation agreements in Eastern and Western countries are another focus of the firm.

Furthermore, we are convinced that our clients can only be completely satisfied if their concerns are represented with the necessary persistence and expertise. This also includes informing clients comprehensively about the prospects of success and the risks involved in an intellectual property strategy or in the event of infringement in the case of litigation. It goes without saying that we always endeavor to take the safest and most cost-effective course of action for you.

Client structure

I mainly focus on representing entrepreneurs and medium-sized companies. As a rule, I am available to my clients as a long-term advisor in almost all questions of intellectual property law with which they are confronted in their business operations. For this purpose, I also cooperate with a network of domestic and foreign patent attorneys and attorneys-at-law in order to provide you with the most optimal solution for specific problems, if necessary.