Trademark law

Trademark registration in Germany

Products and services of your company can be identified by trademarks. They are also part of the intellectual property and thus quality of a company. They can be an asset of your company. Words, letters, numbers, illustrations, colors, acoustic signals or three-dimensional shapes can be protected as trademarks.

A trademark is used to identify a company’s goods and/or services. Trademarks must be suitable to distinguish goods and/or services of a company from those of other companies. A trademark is registered with the German Patent and Trademark Office and examined for absolute grounds for refusal. For example, a trademark may not be descriptive of the goods and services. After a positive examination result, the trademark is entered in the register. This is followed by an opposition period of three months. Therefore, for effective trademark protection, trademark monitoring should be established.

A trademark is renewable indefinitely, with a renewal fee due every ten years.