International IR trademark

International trademark protection

It is possible to register a trademark in an international register under the Madrid Trademark Agreement (MMA) or the Protocol to the Madrid Trademark Agreement (PMMA). Within six months after filing the national trademark application, the international trademark can be applied for registration.

The member countries of the IR trademark under the MMA and the PMMA are partly different. The term of protection of the IR trademark is 20 years under the MMA and 10 years under the PMMA. Renewal is possible as often as desired.

The IR trademark is filed as an application for protection in each of the designated countries. The contracting states have the freedom within one year or under certain circumstances within 18 months to deny protection according to their national laws. If protection is granted, the IR trademark owner has the same rights as a national trademark owner. A trademark protection remains in force in all chosen countries where the trademark has not been refused.