Patent law

Safeguard your innovations with patents

Patents secure new technical developments as inventions entrepreneurial technical knowledge. Patents grant the patent holder a monopoly position in competition in terms of space and time. With a patent, the patent holder can exploit his invention exclusively and prohibit third parties from using it commercially.

In return for this exclusivity, the invention is published 18 months after the initial application. Application fees, search fees, examination fees, and annuity fees are incurred.

Patents document technical development histories, so that the performance of companies can be measured against them and new further developments can be based on them.

A patent is created by the fact that an examination procedure has been positively passed. The patent has a term of 20 years from the date of filing.

The patent is valid for one year.

Due to the principle of territoriality, property rights are enforceable only in the granted countries. For foreign protection, a European patent application or an international patent application or a national foreign patent application is available in the period of 12 months from the first domestic, so-called priority-establishing, application.

My service

As a patent attorney, I help you obtain maximum temporal – up to 21 years – and maximum technical legal protection by assisting you in the preparation of a patent application, the grant of a patent, defense and enforcement, as well as in the clarification of IP situations in specific technical fields and portfolio management. Contact me for this purpose.


European patent
A European patent provides an IP right opportunity in a maximum of 36 contracting states

International PCT application
Provisional protection for 142 contracting states can be obtained for 30/31 months from priority date